Our Classroom

Classroom Hours:

9:00 a.m. -11:30 a.m.

Welcome to our Kindergarten classroom!

What goes on in the Kindergarten?


  • children have opportunities to handle books (learn to turn pages in the correct direction, memorize familiar stories, recognize simple words, gain a sense of rhyme and rhythm)
  • children are read to by the teacher and other adults (gain love of books/stories, learn listening skills, form and express opinions concerning characters and storylines)
  • students write stories or have them recorded
  • students print letters of the alphabet and learn to print their own names
  • students communicate their feelings, opinions and needs
  • students respond to media materials (videos, audio tapes, etc.)


  • Math activities are based on five strands:
  • Number sense and numeration - counting, grouping, adding, subtracting, daily calendar routine
  • Measurement - using standard (metric) and non-standard (hands, feet, string, etc.) units
  • Spatial sense and geometry - identify shapes and solids and some of their properties
  • Patterning - following established patterns and creating own patterns (example: red, red, blue, red, red, blue)
  • Data management and probability - collect, display and interpret data (surveys, tallies), predicting and estimating

Science and Technology

  • students explore and experiment with sand, water, and construction toys
  • students use simple and more complex technolgy (funnel, sand timer, computer, tape recorder)
  • students develop an appreciation for and an understanding of the natural world (planting seeds, observing seasonal changes, caring for animals, etc.)

Personal and Social Development

  • self-awareness and self-reliance
  • health and physical activity
  • social relationships
  • awareness of surroundings

The Arts

  • creative activity at the Arts and Crafts Table, Puppet Theatre, Dress-up and Dramatic play centres
  • responses to art work, dance and music
  • knowledge of elements and forms (gain new knowledge of artistic techniques and understanding of new vocabulary; audience, props, entrance, exit, etc.)

A complete explanation of the Ontario curriculum for Kindergarten students is available online at the Ministry of Education web site:



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